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Poniedziałek 03.12.2007
Hey there!
wow! I'm so jealous that you were able to go and catch the show and meet BoBo personally!
Thanks for recording and uploading all those videos!!

...Annabelle :)
Środa 28.11.2007
This is a very informative site! Not the best design but more infos than on! Thank you!
Sobota 17.11.2007
Mam pytanie czy ktos sie orientuje kiedy nowy album djbobo bedzie do kupienia w Polsce czy w ogole bedzie?Prosze o informacje
Środa 03.10.2007
wow! you're really quick to get the news! which website did you get the news from?
erm... is BoBo's house the house in the forefront of the picture or the house at the back?
and is the swimming pool in the picture?

...Annabelle :)
Piątek 28.09.2007
Hey Louen! Hey Kuba!

I love the English version...
and the intro is fantastic!
Now i can navigate through your page and understand with ease :)
Thanks a lot for the English translation!

...Annabelle :)
Piątek 21.09.2007

Since you have entered a wrong e-mail, I leave you the reply here: the tickets aren't yet available: the sales should start in the late winter in 2008. We will be the first ones to know.

Concerning the price: it shouldn't be more then the quivalent of 20EUR per ticket.


Czwartek 20.09.2007
Czesc wam!

I want to come to the concert, but where can I buy the ticket and how many do they cost?
Do you know, if the Magic Artists came with Bobo to Poland?
Thanks and greetings from Germany!

Sobota 08.09.2007
Salut Thomas !!!!!

Il y a longtemps que je suis pas venue te rendre une petite visite et en arrivant sur le site quelle bonne surprise , de voir que le site est en anglais!!!! C'est tout simplement génial Bravo pour tout le travail.

Je voulais savoir si tu es en France en ce moment?

Si tu es en France , tu vas sur skipe ?

A bientôt

Le bonjour à ta copine !
Wtorek 04.09.2007
Alex & Vlad
Hello Polish Dj Bobo fans! Hello Louen! Hello Jakubcjusz!
We really appreciate your effects to create English page! We sure that your site will be more popular among Dj Bobo fans over the world! Good luck!

Warm regards from Ukraine!
Środa 29.08.2007
Thomas H.
hey louen,
big congratulations to you,because this site is very good!!
i have a question,a long time ago the dj bobo team on the main homepage took some pirates of dance demos on their site,like amazing life demo or one night in heaven demo,the demos were so fantastic,but i can`t find them anymore??can you send me please the demo songs??????
many greets from germany
Sobota 25.08.2007
Vampires DanceWorld

Is a very good Site from DJ Bobo...

Great Andrea

Piątek 24.08.2007
Vampires DanceWorld
Welcome To My Vampires DanceWorld Site:
see website...

I like this Homepage Site, is very good.
DJ Bobo is the best.

Great Andrea
Wtorek 21.08.2007
Niestety nie sprecyzował Pan, o który koncert chodzi: w Szwajcarii nakręcono następujące DVD:

-Live On Stage (Love Is The Price Tour) 1996
-Planet Colors-The Show 2001
-Visions-Live In Concert 2003
-Pirates Of Dance 2005

Proszę też, aby w przyszłości wszelkie pytania zadawać na forum.
Piątek 17.08.2007
alan DJ
mam dvd koncertowe DJ Bobo ze Szwajcarii - kiedy był ten koncert ? proszę o info
Sobota 23.06.2007
Hey Louen!

the concert in Katowice has been canceled??
please tell me more...

...Annabelle :)
Niedziela 10.06.2007
Hi to Poland...!!

After a long time I came to visit your page again.. :-)
It's very nice.. even if I don't understand the language.. hehehe
I hope to see you guy next year again on Tour... The last time we met us in Bochum... which is nearly 2 years ago..

Well, i also wanted to tel that the Curtis Fanpage is back and that we are now together with the Dj BoBo Fanpage Chile..

So.. if you want.. visit the side...
Well.. it will be the same Problem with the language... but maybe I will do it one day in english too... Will see..
I made your Link in my linklist on the Page..
I hope it is okay for you ...
Okay... I leave you many greetings and see you!!

Środa 16.05.2007
Hey there!
How are you?
Your website is very good!
I love it!
It would be better if your website has an english version to it!
I dont understand polish :(

Do you have msn?
I'm looking forward to having a nice chat with you ;)
It's great to see that BoBo has fans all around the world!
I'm a BoBo fan from Singapore
*Singapore is somewhere Asia... not South America ;)
Maybe you can email me too!
my email is:
Do feel free to email me!

Greetings from Singapore!
take care!
...Annabelle :)
Środa 16.05.2007
The new album is really great!
My favoryte songs are : 1/ I'm Crazy 2/ Because Of You 3/ Vampires Are Alive
Środa 25.04.2007
Hi Louen ,

ok sorry! But is this really the ORGINAL and OFFICIAL Tracklist ?

Thank you :-)

Środa 25.04.2007

There are 13 songs, not 7. You must have checked a wrong subwebsite.