Mistakes in lyrics

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Lambert (Gość)

Środa, 16 Kwiecień 2008 16:39:54

Mistakes in lyrics

Hi everybody,

does somebody know some BOBO's english mistakes in his lyrics?

Nobody is the best, so... it can happend blunk

TOM (Gość)

Środa, 16 Kwiecień 2008 23:40:40

Re: Mistakes in lyrics

HI everyone,

I know two mistakes. First, in song "We Gotta Hold On" , DJ BoBo sings: "Imaginary lovers from the universe" - But, before "U" is "the" as [thí]
but BoBo sings [the]

Second mistake is in song "No more Pain" There is mistake, there is Double negative : "I DON'T want NO lies and NO more pain, again"
and "DON'T want to feel NO pain and NO more lies"

That's all, what I know

Greeting everybody